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They say that competition in the corporate world is cutthroat. It means you have to be tough and you also have to always step up your game to stay ahead in the competition.

Aside from the day to day stress they get from work, working professionals also get severely stressed with the kind of environment and climate their offices have. Once they set their foot on the company grounds, it seems like they have entered a war zone. It is this kind of feeling that makes an individual get easily burned out or exhausted. As a result, no matter how high their position in the company is, or how big their paychecks are, they end up feeling unhappy about their successes.

Here at Straitwalks Office Furnishing, we believe that changing the work environment vibe and atmosphere will make a huge impact on the way the employees respond to their external environment. We propose to improve the corporate atmosphere by adding sophisticated, classy, and sleek office furniture and fixture.

Making a Positive Mood: Starting with Office Tables

Let’s start with office table. Since you devote most of your office time working at your table, it will make your mood more positive if you work on an elegant yet comfy table.

Whether it’s a regular set, executive set, or a director set you need, we have just the right design and model of office tables in Singapore for you.

Comfort and Style While Working

No one understands comfort, style, and luxury better than Straitwalks Office Furnishing. Here, we will make sure that our hardworking clients will have the sophisticated and gorgeously designed office tables they deserve.

Say goodbye to old, dilapidated and unpleasant office tables and give way for the new warm, professional, and stylish tables.

We offer a wide array of curated office table options, all of which are designed to bring functionality and style together.

Wide Variety of Designs to Choose From

For our regular sets, we currently have 10 designs you can choose from. The corporate world is cutthroat, so you also need a working table which is symbolic and is a representation of your no-frills approach to any work-related tasks and challenges. The simple and minimalist styles of the regular set we have will make you feel welcomed, comfortable yet strong and empowered to take on any task.

If you’re eyeing for the Executive sets, you will be met by clean and sophisticated designs which will put your search for the best office furniture and fixture to a halt. We have 5 modern and gorgeous executive sets to choose from.

All these sets give a light, warm, and brilliant feel to your office.

Our Director sets are famous for being head-turners. We currently have 6 Director set designs which are all representatives of the kind of luxury, sophistication, and elegance our clients deserve.

Regular Sets
Executive Sets
Director Sets