Office Metal Cabinets

Office cabinet Singapore
Office metal cabinet Singapore

Office Metal Cabinets

An office is never complete without office cabinets that hold important files together and keep the office tidy. Aside from keeping all your documents in one place, office cabinets have other uses too.

Here are some of the uses of having office cabinets:

  • Safe storage for important office properties. Office cabinets are necessary to keep office files secured in one place. They come with locks and keys to make sure the files and other office properties are only available to authorized personnel.
  • Durable to hold other office items. Metal office cabinets can hold non-document items including tools, stationery and multimedia office equipment. They also come in very lightweight despite its durability.
  • Create partitions for small spaces. An office cabinet can hold the files while giving you a natural partition in your office floor plan. This works well for small spaces. If you get the correct size of office cabinet, you are sure to maximize your office space.

Cabinets are made of various materials – wood, metal, and plastic. However, among these products, metal office cabinets are the most convenient to invest in, especially for offices.

Where to find high-quality office cabinets in Singapore

When you are looking for durable and quality metal office cabinets in Singapore, head straight to Kaki Bukit Road 1 to get it from the Straitswalk Office Furnishings.

We, at Straitswalk Office Furnishings, have made a name in the market as an office furnishing provider which offers luxury and prestige. This will assure you that you are getting only the top-quality products.

Only high-quality metal sheets are used to make Straitswalk’s office cabinets. Its process then includes the protected stiffeners and finished with a high-temperature powder coating to ensure a sturdy piece.

Our line of metal office cabinets comes in different sizes to match your needs.

  • Half height which measures W19 x D457 x H915mm [W915 x D457 x H915mm]
  • Full height which measures W19 x D457 x H1830mm [W915 x D457 x H1830mm]
  • Office cabinets with two drawers (A-2D), three drawers (A-3D) and four drawers (A-4D) [Filling cabinets with two, three and four drawers]

All of these cabinets can neatly arrange files with many partitions saving you time to look for important files when you need it. These also come with a tampered-proof lock set to ensure your files’ security.

Why you should pick Straitswalk Office Furnishings

Straitswalk Office Furnishings completes the look of offices with the top of the line office furniture and products.

If you pick an office product from Straitswalk, you get a product that is created with dedication and good workmanship. Each product is assembled by hand through our factory and undergo through a rigorous assessment to check the quality.

The Straitswalk manufacturing processes’ are all ISO approved. This ensures that the management of the office follows high standards. When you purchase from Straitswalk, you also get an assurance that you get it on time because we value your convenience.