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Mission & Vision


STRAITSWALK Office Furnishing aspires to be the premium choice for office furniture in the industry. We uphold a commitment to quality, and have our products and services attest to the sheer dedication to good workmanship and service.

With a variety of curated options for office furniture, we are dedicated to bringing you grandiose furniture to your office, all hassle-free and at your convenience.

We believe in the value of a personal touch, and are committed to bring you the consistent customer service from start to finish, all while displaying our core values of responsibility, integrity, and commitment.


STRAITSWALK Office Furnishing aims to be more than just a business. We aim to be the creator of a lifestyle, to move towards a world where everyone’s offices are a representation of their unique individuality, reflecting their status in a subtle but powerful way.

In short, we want to be the vehicle through which people express themselves via office furniture, and be the premier niche business of choice in the office furniture industry.