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Behind the Name

STRAITSWALK acquired its name because of two things.

We are grounded.

Based in our sunny island of Singapore, we know what it is like to be here. We have gathered insights from many people who have their own offices, and who are moving up in the corporate world. There is no one else better than us locals who would identify with the needs and wants of the office worker when it comes to office furniture in Singapore. Our local knowledge of the market puts us in a better position to advise you on what you should have, versus what you think you should have.

We have gone the miles.

Our company has one simple policy – we go the miles for you. If you’re going to walk, you better walk the talk. That’s what we will do in every transaction of words, not just when we’re talking business. Even if you are just stopping by our showroom, we are more than happy to give you a tour around our humble abode.